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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 09, 2022
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Editor's introduction: Promotion defense is very important for the promotion process in the workplace. The author of this article shared the key points of Dachang's promotion defense category email list based on his own work experience, and systematically described the issues that need to be paid attention to in the process of promotion defense. Interested one. Get up and learn, I hope it helps you. I have been working on products and operations in a big Internet company all the category email list year round. I have participated in several promotions with success and failure. I have also coached teammates to participate in promotion many times, and I have also served as a judge for other people's promotion. I have some experience and category email list experience from various angles. Let’s talk about the general parts of the product selection post and the operation post, try to be able to land as much as possible, and hope to help everyone. 1. Being able to answer the questions category email list of the judges is the key First of all, it needs to be clear. Whether it is PPT materials or questions from the judges, the promotion defense is a process. The ultimate goal is to make the judges feel that you are very powerful and you are worthy of promotion. Because the decision of whether to pass the promotion is in the hands of the judges Can help identify people who "know but don't know why". This type of question is asking why and how, focusing on the background and process, which is more difficult than asking what. It’s easy to understand why you like to ask about data. Compared with traditional enterprises, the Internet has a core advantage of digitizing the entire chain of products and services. It category email list is also a generally recognized work method to do rapid iteration based on data feedback. The judges should use these questions to check whether candidates have data awareness and category email list whether they are truly data-driven in the actual work process. Finally, Internet companies like to refer to methods as strategies or tactics, and to refer to the implementation process as a high-level word such as roadmap, so that questions can be more "professional".
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Robinrobi Seo

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