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Always Sparkling Business Policies


Always Sparkling employees will:

                ** at the completion of the cleaning operations, ensure the premises are securely locked, security systems reactivated and all lights and taps turned off, in accordance with the Client’s instruction

** take all necessary precautions to secure any keys supplied by the Client and shall not have any further keys cut

** ensure Always Sparkling staff are not accompanied onto the premises by person not employed by Always Sparkling

Environmental Policy

Always Sparkling recognises it has a responsibility to the environment and practices sustainability as part of everyday operations.

Working towards reducing my environmental impact and improving environmental performance is an integral part of their business model.

Always Sparkling endeavours to:

                ** incorporate environmental factors into all business decisions

** practice sustainable cleaning methods

** ensure environmental impact is minimised as much as practically possible

 Health and Safety

Always Sparkling is committed to the protection of employees, property, clients and other persons from accidental injury or damage from work undertaken.

In meeting this commitment, I will take all reasonable practicable steps to:

** prevent all injuries and damage

** promote safety as being of equal importance to other business objectives

** establish safe working practices

** develop personal responsibility for safety

Always Sparkling employees will be Police checked on their appointment and undergo random drug testing as required.

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